Frequently Asked Questions


Hours and Location Inquiries

Q: Where is Jiffy Newark located?
A: Jiffy Newark is conveniently located at 146 Haynes Avenue in Newark, only minutes from Newark Liberty International Airport.

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: Our Newark Liberty Airport parking facility is a 24-hour operation. We are always open.


General Questions

Q: What parking services does Jiffy Airport Parking offer?
A: Jiffy Airport Parking is a self-park parking facility.

Q: Does Jiffy Airport Parking accept cash?
A: No, Jiffy Airport Parking only accepts debit or credit cards.

Q: Does Jiffy Airport Parking provide shuttle transportation?
A: Yes, Jiffy Airport Parking provides shuttle transportation to and from Newark Liberty airport. We are just a short, 6 minute drive to your terminal.

Q: Do you have a Customer Service Center to help answer my questions?
A: For fastest responses please email questions to info@jiffyairportparking.com or fill out our Contact Form. If you have a question that is high priority, please feel free to call our Newark Airport parking office at (973) 242-0999.

Q: What should I expect when I arrive at the facility?
A: If you have booked a reservation, scan your reservation barcode from your printed reservation voucher, from the email on your mobile device or the barcode on the mobile app for Jiffy Rewards Loyalty members. If you did not make a reservation, pull a ticket from the machine to gain entry. Once you enter our Newark Liberty Airport parking location, please proceed to the open parking space of your choosing.

Q: What should I expect when I return to the airport terminal?
A: When you have collected your luggage, notify Jiffy Newark that you are ready to return and a shuttle will be there momentarily to bring you back to your car.

Q: Where do I wait for the shuttle to arrive when I am at the airport?
A: Terminal A – Short-Term Parking (Ground Level) Proceeed to Lane 8 (furthest lane to the right). Terminal B – Short-Term Parking (Ground Level) Proceeed to Lane 5 (Shared Ride Services). Terminal C – Baggage Claim (Ground Level) Proceeed through door, cross street to Lane 1. (Next to Police Booth).

Q: How do I exit?
A: Once you’re settled in your vehicle and ready to leave, scan your ticket or reservation voucher at the exit machine. Once you pay your remaining balance, the gate arm will lift and allow you to exit. Our technology makes it easy to scan your voucher, pay and exit the facility without exiting your vehicle. If you are a part of our Jiffy Rewards program, members can scan their loyalty account barcode from their mobile app to earn points, redeem reservations and pay for parking. Should you require any assistance, please stop by the parking office.

Q: How much earlier should I arrive at Jiffy Airport Parking prior to my flight?
A: We recommend giving yourself an hour to park your car, take the shuttle to the terminal and make your way through security. To be safe, please contact your airline or airport for their recommendation for your arrival time.


Rates And Reservation Inquiries

Q: Are the parking rates based on 24-hour days?
A: Yes. The parking rates are structured to start when you pull a ticket or when a reservation barcode or loyalty barcode is scanned. Your time is calculated from the beginning of your check-in to the time of your exit, not by the calendar date. You will be charged for the exact time in the lot. If there is any extended stay past a reservation you will be charged for the additional time upon exiting the Newark Liberty parking lot.

Q: Do I have to book a reservation before arriving at the lot?
A: No, you do not have to book a reservation. We welcome drive up customers and will provide you a ticket upon entrance. However, making a reservation does guarantee a space within the parking lot. If we are at capacity, only travelers with a reservation are guaranteed a space. We also cannot guarantee specific spaces to customers. They are first come, first served. This includes handicap spaces. If you’d like to make a reservation before entering the lot, please visit our reservation page or book on the mobile app. We cannot take reservations over the phone.

Q: Is the price different if you do not make a reservation ahead of time and just pull into the lot?
A: Yes, the drive up rates are listed under our price buttons on the homepage. Rates are subject to change.

Q: Are there any other charges outside of your low daily rate?
A: Jiffy Airport Parking’s low rates do not include applicable taxes and fees.

Q: What if I don’t have a printer? Do I still have to print my Newark Liberty Airport parking reservation before arriving at the lot?
A: No, you can scan your reservation barcode from your phone as well!

Q: What is your policy for canceling reservations?
A: We do ask for 24-hour notice, however; if your travel plans change and you do not park in the lot, we can absolutely refund you for the full amount. If your dates of travel change you can still use your same reservation voucher, our Newark Liberty Airport parking system will automatically adjust the parking days for you.

Q: What is your policy for modifying reservations?
A: You may modify, edit, or cancel your reservation through your confirmation email or through your rewards account. If you have any issues, please contact Jiffy Airport Parking Newark at info@jiffyairportparking.com.

Q: What happens if I stay longer than my reservation indicates? What happens if I come back sooner?
A: If you stay longer, we will just charge you for the additional days. If you come back sooner, we will refund you. Refund Policy: Please note the prorated hourly rates are not refunded. Full days of charge will be refunded. Please contact us directly for a refund. You may also adjust your reservation by the hour to take advantage of the prorated hourly rates instead of being charged for a full day and needing a refund.

Q: What if I need to extend my current reservation?
A: If you need to park in the lot longer than your reservation, you are more than welcome. Unfortunately, we cannot accept multiple reservations so you’ll just have to pay the additional amount upon exiting the lot.

Q: Previously, after taking long trips, we have needed our vehicle jump started in order to get car started again. Do you have jumper cables?
A: Jiffy to the Rescue! We do have a jump starter kit on-site and are happy to provide this for your use upon return from your trip.


Rewards Program

Q: How do I earn Jiffy Rewards points?
A: You earn one point for every day you park with Jiffy Newark. For a limited time, enroll today and get a FREE DAY of parking right away!

Q: How do I redeem my free day?
A: You need to be sure that you are logged in to your Jiffy Rewards account prior to requesting a quote for the reservation. Once the quote appears a drop-down menu will show to redeem your free day. This will adjust the price and you can then move forward with payment. We do not automatically include the free day as some guests prefer to save them for a longer stay.

Q: How many points does it take for a free day?
A: 7 points are required per free day.

Q: I’m a Jiffy Rewards member, but I didn’t receive a receipt at the facility when I paid. What happened?
A: Jiffy Airport Parking is committed to sustainability in Newark Liberty Airport parking. As such, we’ve designed our rewards program to be paperless in nature. As long as you have checked that you would like to receive emailed receipts on your account, then you will receive an electronic receipt within 48 hours of check out. If you have any issues feel free to contact Jiffy Newark at info@jiffyairportparking.com and we would be happy to email you a copy of your receipt.

Q: How do I use a Jiffy Newark coupon?
A: You must bring the coupon with you to the facility. Prior to departing the facility, check out in the lobby with a Jiffy employee and hand them your coupon or scan your ticket at the exit machine and then scan the coupon. If you are using the coupon when booking an online reservation, type in the barcode/promo code in to the promo code field.



Q: Is Jiffy Newark responsible if valuables go missing from my car while it’s parked at your facility?
A: While Jiffy Airport Parking is staffed 24 hours a day, as a self-park facility, we cannot be responsible for belongings left in your car. As with all parking situations, if you want to guarantee the security of your items, please do not leave them in your car.

Q: What if find damage on my vehicle that occurred while it was parked at your facility? Whose insurance will cover the damage?
A: If you find damage on your vehicle that you feel occurred while parked at our facility, report it to an employee prior to leaving the property. You will be provided with a customer claim form to complete, a detailed investigation will be performed, and you will be contacted by our corporate insurance claims department. If you do not report the damage before leaving the property, we are not liable for the damage.