Tips for Long-Term Parking at an Airport

Couple Unloading in an Airport Parking Lot


Preparing for an extended trip can be stressful enough without having to worry about parking. The next time you have a flight from the Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), follow these tips to make long-term airport parking easy.

  1. Look for near-airport parking. While the airport usually provides parking, you can most likely find better deals at near-airport lots.
  2. Check for transportation. If you do choose a near-airport parking lot, make sure it offers a shuttle service to take you to and from the airport. And the closer the lot is located to the airport, the better, as it means less time spent waiting.
  3. Don’t leave any valuables behind. Before heading into the airport, always do one last sweep to make sure there’s nothing valuable inside of your car.
  4. Get rid of any trash. Don’t be tempted to leave that to-go cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich wrapper in your console while you’re gone. When you get back, you might have some serious odors to deal with.
  5. Remember where you park. Nothing’s worse than getting back after a long flight and not being able to locate your car. Jiffy Airport Parking at the Newark Airport, for example, offers a free app where you can store your spot number for later.
  6. Reserve ahead of time. Schedule your drop-off and pick-up times beforehand to secure your spot.
  7. Look for loyalty discounts. Long-term parking can get expensive, but loyalty programs and corporate discount programs can help cut the cost – especially if you’re a frequent flier.
  8. Roll up your windows. While it might seem like common sense to roll up your windows and turn off all your lights, this step is worth stating here. If you accidentally leave your lights on, you might return to find your battery dead.
  9. Make sure there’s always a parking attendant on duty. In case you take a red-eye, your flight is delayed or you need to contact the lot, you need a parking attendant available at all hours.

When you park long-term with Jiffy Airport Parking, you can enjoy smooth, hassle-free parking every time you use the Newark Airport. We offer free shuttle service, 24/7 staffing, a competitive corporate discount program and a loyalty program that rewards you with a free day of parking after every six days. Download the Jiffy Airport Parking app and reserve your spot today.